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About Us

Sative is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them. We cover small business news, follow trends, provide tips and advice, and interview movers and shakers. We also spotlight other small businesses and startups. Our core focus is on providing practical, specific answers to your toughest small business questions and challenges.

Our team of professional editors, journalists and vetted experts publishes new content daily. Our writers always strive to explain complex topics in plain language while providing the context behind each story. By balancing journalism and authenticity, our goal is to assist small businesses everywhere on their road to success.

While we never received any prophecy from a trio of witches about the future of this website, we did always envision that Sative would serve the design community as a strong and trusted resource on all things related to current design trends. Our goal is to provide readers with:

  • Insightful tutorial and tips.
  • Time-saving design and development techniques.
  • Collections of helpful resources.
  • Inspirational UI and UX designs from around the web.
  • Graphic design tutorials.
  • Motion design tools and resources.
  • Lego-inspired content (yes, that’s for real).
  • And more.

We’ve got an awesome team of design experts working day in and day out to ensure that our readers stay attuned to the latest and greatest happening in web design today. If you haven’t read any of our articles yet, what are you waiting for?